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Module Tutors

Aerodynamics Specialist - Sauber Aerodynamics

Willem Toet

Willem Toet is a renowned aerodynamicist who has headed aero departments of 4 F1 teams including Ferarri and most recently Sauber. With over 30 years' experience in F1, Willem not only knows all the aerodynamic tricks used in racing but he's pioneered them too!

Evolution Measurement - Export Sales Manager

Iain Gordon

Iain has a rich experience within motorsport and aerodynamics and will give an overview of pressure scanners, probes and other aerodynamic sensors. Iain will share his experience on how F1 teams utilise these devices to measure aero data accurately and reliably.

Aerodynamicist - Williams Racing F1

Jack Chilvers

Jack began his F1 career at Renault as a Graduate Aerodynamicist and by 2017 became an Aerodynamicist where he focused on the front corner of the car. In 2019 Jack switched to his current role at Williams Racing.

What you will learn about...

Session 1 - Aerodynamic theory

Understand the fundamental principles behind aerodynamics including Brownian motion, the Bernoulli principle, Reynolds number and the science behind boundary layers.

Session 2 - F1 aerodynamic devices

Discover how F1 teams have designed the front wing, nose, underfloor and rear wing to maximise aerodynamic performance and exploit ground effect.

Session 3 - Aerodynamic development

Find out how teams use CFD, wind tunnels and track testing to analyse, improve and correlate aerodynamic performance.

Session 4 - CFD analysis

An overview of how to run an accurate CFD simulation and the important things to consider. You'll also get free access to an AirShaper CFD study.

Session 5 - Aerodynamic measurement

Learn how pressure scanners, pitot tubes and aerodynamic rakes work as well as the techniques teams use to achieve accurate measurements. 

Session 6 - Aerodynamic set-up

Finally, understand the different aerodynamic packages teams use throughout a season as well as how teams adjust the aerodynamic set-up of the car throughout a race weekend.

Q&A sessions

There will be two live Q&A sessions with tutors and special guests where you will get the opportunity to ask technical questions as well as get the latest career tips and advice.


Throughout each session there will be a variety of interactive polls and exercises to get you practising your aerodynamic skills. Our tutors will also set several assignments to help you develop your aerodynamic knowledge and skills further. 

Module Details

A one-day module that includes access to exclusive technical material, the opportunity to put forward questions to the tutors, access to the webinar recording for a limited time and a certificate of attendance.

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